2021 Banking Symposium Wachau: What comes after Covid?

Between a push towards digitization and worries about a wave of insolvencies: How the pandemic has reshuffled the cards.

The pandemic is over. Unless it’s not – we will find out once the days start getting colder again. In any case, the health crisis of the past one-and-a-half years has had a decisive impact on the banking industry, above all in terms of digitization and banking system stability.

During the pandemic, a shift has occurred towards digital banking. Even those who really loved going to the local bank branch are now more likely to use online banking services. This shift has added urgency to the quest for the best customer interface. Competitors are developing new technologies and tools, and multi-banking apps are ready to be rolled out. The costs involved in technology upgrades are significant, and laying out the future of branch banking has become a matter of urgency.

At the same time, the end of government support schemes for businesses in Austria may be expected to lead to a marked increase in insolvencies and loan defaults. Are the banks ready for this? Will we see another credit crunch? Or will some banks be stress tested for real this time?

The 2021 Banking Symposium Wachau will tackle these issues on September 23 at Stift Göttweig. Top experts will share their thoughts with you, and you will get a chance to take a close-up look at innovative technologies. At this year’s symposium, Bernhard Krick will speak about the effects the pandemic has had on payment systems and about emerging payment trends.

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