e-IDentify yourself – OeNPAY Electronic Identity Challenge

OeNPAY aims to help shape the future of e-ID applications in Austria. e-IDs offer numerous benefits for individuals, businesses and public institutions. Taking full advantage of them requires a national e-ID infrastructure that meets cross-industry interoperability standards. The goal is an e-ID solution that serves as an interface to both private sector services and e-government services. OeNPAY aims to lay the foundation for such a comprehensive e-ID infrastructure in Austria in cooperation with all stakeholders.

This is why OeNPAY has organized the “e-IDentify yourself – OeNPAY Electronic Identity Challenge”: to crowdsource ideas for brilliant, new e-ID applications that transcend the range of existing solutions and can be used in all walks of life. The most promising ideas will be analyzed and developed further – and possibly even implemented with partner organizations. The OeNPAY idea contest aims to contribute to developing a comprehensive, interoperable e-ID infrastructure and to enhancing Austria’s appeal as a business location in cooperation with all stakeholders.


The submission deadline for this challenge has expired!

In autumn 2022, a distinguished jury will evaluate the most promising submissions to the contest and select the winner. A cash prize of EUR 3,000 will be awarded to the winning idea.

Pitch a particularly promising idea, and you’ll get invited to meet with the OeNPAY team! Selected high-potential applications will be analyzed and developed further – and possibly even implemented with partner organizations. This is your unique chance to turn your idea into reality together with OeNPAY.

How to submit:

  1. Create an account on the ideas platform.
  2. Go to “e-IDentify yourself – OeNPAY Electronic Identity Challenge” to learn more about the contest and requirements.
  3. Submit your ideas through the platform. The deadline for submissions is August 31, 2022.
  4. A panel of experts will select the winners, who will be announced in autumn 2022.
Identity verification plays an important role in our day-to-day lives, as it allows us to prove who we are. This is what passports or identity cards are for. Now the identity verification process has gone digital thanks to modern technology: People can use digital ID solutions to access public and other services where they once had to show up in person – it’s simple, fast and secure.

Electronic identity (e-ID) solutions enable individuals and businesses to provide digital proof of who they are. An e-ID issued by a certified provider serves as a legally valid, standardized electronic means of identification. It can be used to authorize transactions, to ensure the secure transfer of personal data and certificates, and to provide a legally binding digital signature.
Today, e-ID solutions are used in several fields. For instance, they are absolutely essential for electronic payments. Based on modern technologies and legally compliant, these e-ID solutions provide simple and secure access to digital financial services such as one-time payments, digital banking services or loan applications. e-ID solutions can be used for far more than that, though – they come in helpful in all digital interactions that require proof of identity.
A number of private and public sector organizations provide different types of e-ID solutions in Austria, but none of them is widely used for a broad range of applications. As a result, several national and international public and private sector e-ID solutions co-exist in the market. Many of them are neither interoperable nor do they meet uniform legal and security standards. Austria does not have a comprehensive cross-sector solution that individuals and businesses can rely on for different types of applications.
Easy to use: Once installed, the e-ID becomes a standard feature of people’s digital wallets and a constant companion – one single technology that offers numerous functions. For instance, the e-ID allows people to access government services online where they once had to go in person.

Interoperable: An interoperable e-ID infrastructure ensures that several e-ID solutions by different providers can co-exist in the market.

International: In line with the EU’s efforts to create a European digital identity, OeNPAY aims to help create a national e-ID infrastructure that is interoperable across borders, so that Austrian e-IDs are accepted in other EU countries and vice versa.

Secure: A comprehensive e-ID infrastructure conforms to GDPR standards and meets the requirements of the European eIDAS Regulation. It helps protect privacy, reduce crime and fraud, and protect against data misuse and identity theft.

Transparent and user-controlled: A comprehensive e-ID infrastructure allows users to control what happens to their data and which details they reveal about themselves.

Digitized: A national, interoperable e-ID infrastructure promotes digitization and adds to the country’s appeal as a business location.

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