oenpay – Virtual Design Challenge: The winners in a joint interview


As part of the ‚Virtual Design Challenge‘ hackathon, oenpay was searching for innovative design concepts of a virtual space in the metaverse in order to make the topic of payment transactions a virtual experience. Congratulations go to the winners Michael Baumgartner, Daniel Gosterxeier and Nikolaus Stickler, who were able to convince with their idea of a modular, spatially unlimited metaverse world.

Die Gewinner der Virtual Design Challenge und oenpay bei der Preisübergabe
At the award ceremony of the Virtual Design Challenge at oenpay (from left to right): oenpay Managing Director Franz Deim with the winners Nikolaus Stickler and Daniel Gosterxeier from NiftyTwins, oenpay Senior Innovation Manager Mirjana Covic and oenpay Managing Director Bernhard Krick

The winners of the oenpay – Virtual Design Challenge were announced! The entrepreneurs Michael Baumgartner, Daniel Gosterxeier and Nikolaus Stickler were able to secure the first place with their creative design concept. As part of the winners’ presentation on 13th October, oenpay awarded them the first prize including 2,000 euros in prize money.

The winning idea convinced oenpay with its innovative design concept in the form of a coin with surrounding themes and an event pavilion inspired by the oenpay logo. ‚We particularly liked the modular structure and the graphic design of the creative design matching the oenpay branding,‘ says oenpay Senior Innovation Manager and Project Manager Mirjana Covic, ‘The elaborated design concept offers us many opportunities to test and develop new applications in virtual reality for payment transactions together with our partners.‘

The winners in a joint interview

In a joint interview, the winners Michael Baumgartner, Daniel Gosterxeier and Nikolaus Stickler give an insight into their professional careers and their thoughts on the Virtual Design Challenge.

NiftyTwins is Austria’s first premium NFT agency. In addition to creative concepts for a virtual presence, we also offer companies workshops and the practical implementation of virtual business models and locations. From real estate to law firms, all implementations can be developed and implemented IN-HOUSE.

At NiftyTwins, we are always looking for new challenges. The concept of oenpay particularly appealed to us because it rethinks traditional payment transactions and pursues innovative approaches. We are very proud of our successful concept and winning the first prize.

We are fascinated by the metaverse and virtual reality for a variety of reasons. We are convinced that once the technical hurdles of the metaverse are overcome, a real revolution in the field of virtual worlds and business models is imminent. Some companies have already started investing in this future, and international clients are working with us to figure out how their brands can gain a foothold in the virtual age.

During the creative implementation for oenpay, our focus was on creating an open and inviting space. A space that creates trust and takes people on an exciting journey through the topic of payment transactions. All on-site information should also be reduced as much as possible and brought to the point quickly. The goal is to discover and have fun with new technologies.

The biggest challenge in designing this space was to present the complex topic of ‚payment transactions‘ in an understandable and engaging way. At the same time, we had to ensure that the ‘oenpay‘ brand was adequately represented in this virtual space and that the technical limitations of the various metaverse platforms were observed. However, due to our many years of experience and technical expertise, we have been able to meet these challenges.

About the Virtual Design Challenge

As part of the Virtual Design Challenge, oenpay is pursuing the goal of tapping into the potential of virtual reality (VR) for itself and partner companies and making new applications a virtual experience. The innovation initiative is particularly interested in researching new payment solutions that can be used to process digital transactions in virtual space securely and easily. The virtual space is intended to support this mission through a modular structure and versatile functions. The design had to be futuristic, in line with oenpay’s brand identity and take up the topic of “payment transactions” in an innovative way.

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