oenpay published 360° study on instant payments


The study examines the current usage behavior of instant payments among the Austrian population in comparison with other payment methods and provides an outlook on the potential of instant payments and payment behavior in the future.

The study was developed in collaboration with payment transaction experts from banks and the market research institute marketmind and published by oenpay in March 2024.

What are instant payments?

In the EU, instant payments (German: Echtzeitüberweisungen) are transfers in euros based on the ‚SEPA Instant Credit Transfer Scheme‘ (SCT Inst) through which money is made available in the recipient’s account within ten seconds of the payment order being issued. What is special about SCT Inst is that it runs around the clock, 365 days a year.

Study design

To represent Austria, 1,165 people were questioned about their age, gender, education and federal state in computer-assisted web and telephone interviews. The surveys were carried out between December 15, 2023 and January 19, 2024.

Key findings in a nutshell

In particular, the study provides valuable insights into the awareness and current usage of instant payments, their potential as well as motives for using them. We have summarised the most important findings for you below.

Usage and evaluation of instant payments
  • 88% of all respondents know instant payments; 32% used them in 2023.
  • Instant payments are currently used more often by men than women.
  • People aged 39 and below tend to use instant payments most frequently.
  • Instant Payments are most commonly used by people with very good financial stability.
  • More Instant Payments users are located in eastern Austria than in western Austria.
  • Instant payments are used at least once a week by 9% of Austrians.
  • Real-time payments are rated well by half of those surveyed.
  • There is a linear relationship between the us age the evaluation of means of payment
Motives for usage and potential of instant payments
  • Speed, verifiability, convenience, data security and acceptance are the most frequently cited advantages of instant payments.
  • Lack of additional benefit from the perspective of those surveyed, as well as additional costs, security concerns, the finality of the payment and poor budget control are considered reasons for negative or neutral evaluation of instant payments.
  • Among those who know instant payments, the future potential is greatest for users aged under 30; Women show the same interest as men.
  • Increasing familiarity with instant payments can increase usage. Budget overview and flexibility are also important characteristics that can positively influence the frequency of use.
  • From the respondents’ point of view, the most interesting areas of application for instant payments are financial support for families and friends, urgent financial transactions and payments on the Internet.
  • No additional costs, convenient access and lower costs than for other payment methods are the top 3 reasons for using instant payments among those surveyed.

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